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"How can I be sure that my child will settle in at The Kids’ Academy?"
We will work out a settling in routine with you, which consists of your staying and playing with your child until they are comfortable with the staff and the nursery environment.

"What happens when my child has settled in?"
During the settling in period we will observe which one of our staff your child builds a natural bond with and this person will become your child’s “Key Worker” and be the first point of contact for you and your child.

"When do parents get an invoice for the childcare fees?"
Invoices detailing all of your sessions are sent out on the 15th day of the month before your sessions so you can check that everything is correct and give you time to pay the invoice before the 1st working day of the month preceding the invoice.

"How can I pay my fees?"
You can pay by cheque, cash and credit card or by Internet Banking or BACS / Standing Order.

"Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?"
We accept most childcare vouchers – please ask for more information and our specific registration details.

"What do my fees include?"
Your fees include all childcare, meals, snacks, drinks as well as all activities and consumables that your child uses.

"What do my fees not include?"
Your fees do not include nappies, baby wipes, medications, sun creams or specific dietary supplements or foodstuffs.

"What happens is my child is ill before nursery starts?"
Legislation means that if your child has sickness, vomiting or diarrhoea then they must be excluded from the nursery for a period of 48 hours to ensure that they do not infect other children or staff.  Please ask for further information if required.

"What happens if my child is ill whilst at nursery?"
If your child is ill at nursery then they will be assessed by the Manager. A decision will then be taken whether to provide initial treatment or to call you to return and collect your child.  If your child requires hospital treatment then you will be called and asked to meet your child at the hospital.  A member of our staff will travel with your child and stay with them at all times until you arrive.